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Hackers Outpace Bureaucracy

Leslie Whitten

KrebsOnSecurity notified city officials in Florence, Alabama of a ransomware threat on May 26.  The Florence IT manager requested the city to approve funds for remediation and an investigation, but before those funds could be approved, the hackers attacked on June 5.  The result is that Florence paid almost $300,000 in ransomware, and they still can’t be sure what information the hackers retained as far as the personal information of city officials and citizens.  One thing for certain is that remediation and an investigation would have be considerably less expensive. 

Don’t be slow to act when it comes to your cybersecurity.  Have a plan that can immediately be acted upon at the first sign that hackers are in your system.  The difference in a few days can be everything.  Feel free to contact us with questions about the efficacy of your breach response plan.