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Cyber Concerns and Covid-19

Leslie Whitten

We hope that you and your family are all safe and practicing smart, hygienic practices during this crazy time.  Now more than ever we must also continue with smart practices online.  As you or your employees work from home, please continue to use VPNs to access work information.  Employees should be encouraged to keep their personal information and online practices separate from the computer they use for work, if possible.  The more uses an employee has for their computer, the higher the risk of being hacked.   Your IT professionals should continue to be diligent with software updates and the like.  Employees should be warned against opening or forwarding any links or attachments that are unexpected.

As ever online, don’t believe everything you read.  Please do not spread misinformation about Covid-19.  Even if you are trying to debunk a source, please don’t forward or share incorrect or misleading information.  Please use only reputable sources for updates like the National Guard.   For updates specific to South Carolina, you can check out the DHEC website.

Please stay healthy and continue to work to keep your sensitive information secure.  For questions, feel free to contact us.