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Leslie Whitten

This new decade has already seen its share of breaches.  Hackers have started directly hacking U.S. telecom companies to take over customer cell phone numbers.  Twenty-two year-old Nicholas Truglia has been indicted for stealing an investor’s identity and making off with $23 million in cryptocurrency.

Microsoft’s data breach exposed over 250 million records.  Thankfully, that number isn’t as bad as it sounds because most of the information isn’t usable.  That said, the breach was preventable because the company accidentally left a customer service database open for two days.  Lifehacker wrote a brief article that did a good job of synopsizing the issue and making recommendations for protecting your data.  Spoiler alert:  Don’t open a link you didn’t expect to receive without verifying it’s legitimacy!

While we’re on the subject of clicking links, watch out for links in your texts as well.  A scammer is sending texts with a link under the guise of being a FedEx tracking number; the website then requests personal and financial information that could be used to access your accounts.  You will not receive an unsolicited text or email from FedEx.  Block that sender and don’t click that link!

As always, for tips or help with making sure your policies are useful and up to date, or if you need help responding to a breach, feel free to contact us