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Major Electronic Claims Management Overhaul at the SC Commission

Matthew Riddle

The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission (SCWCC) recently announced that it will be completely revamping its online claims management portal. The new system will have many new features including the ability to file all SCWCC Forms electronically and pay all fees online. 

Many of you are familiar with the current eCase system.  This portal will be replaced with a new interface called KERMIT (Key Element Reporting Management & Incident Tracking), which will go live on October 28, 2019, along with an updated EDI system for submitting first reports of injury. Users of the Commission’s new system will be able to:

  • Self-manage and keep up to date contact information
  • View claim information and relevant actions by role
  • View a historical timeline for associated cases
  • View documents for associated cases
  • File all South Carolina Workers’ Compensation forms
  • File pleadings
  • Pay fees associated with forms/pleadings
  • Serve and sign submissions electronically
  • Pay fines
  • Withdraw submissions, if sent in error
  • View an audit trail of all activity for associated cases

The Commission will be offering six training sessions at the following dates and locations:

  • September 18 – Columbia
  • September 24 – Greenville
  • September 27 – North Charleston
  • September 30 – Columbia
  • October 3 – North Charleston
  • October 7 – Greenville

Registration information will be available August 1.  Click here for more information about the new system.