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Capital One Breached

Leslie Whitten

Equifax has been in the news a lot lately about the settlement arising out of the breach that compromised the personally identifiable information of about 150,000,000 people a couple of years back.  In the wake of that settlement, Capital One indicated that its system was hacked in March of this year, and the information of more than 100,000,000 customers was compromised.  This included social security numbers and bank account numbers. Paige Thompson was arrested this week in connection with the hack.  These hackers are usually pretty difficult to track, but in this case Ms. Thompson apparently boasted about her accomplishment on social media and made very little effort to hide her identity.  Capital One said they will properly notify those compromised and will offer credit monitoring and identity theft protection.  They expect their costs to respond to the hack to be up to $150,000,000.

 If you are not sure if your company is prepared for a hacker or that your employees are properly trained in your company‚Äôs cyber policies, please do so now.  If you need to update (or create) your cyber policies or breach response plan, we are here to help.