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SCWCC Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Information and Statistics

J. Steven Rodenberg

The SCWCC’s most recent fiscal year ended June 30, 2018. The Commission continues to focus on its mission to provide an equitable and timely system of benefits to injured workers and employers in the most responsive, accurate, and reliable manner possible.

The Claims Department is responsible for reviewing and processing periodic reports filed by carriers and reviewing all final settlements. During fiscal year 2018, the Claims Department processed 26,416 initial Forms 15 and 54,234 Forms 18. The Department continues to encourage use of electronic filing. With regard to settlements, the Department processed 11,287 clinchers, Forms 16, and third party settlements.

The Judicial Department is responsible for scheduling, monitoring, and reviewing all Informal Conferences and contested workers’ compensation cases. Scheduling Single Commissioner hearings and Informal Conferences is one of the core functions of the Judicial Department. This involves coordinating with state agencies, local governments and educational institutions for the use of over 100 different locations. During fiscal year 2018, the department added 6 new sites to the list and solidified the alliance with South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation for the Commission to use several of their facilities across the state.

During fiscal year 2018, Informal Conference cases assigned decreased by 4.8% (4,398 in FY18, 4,621 in FY17); Informal Conferences conducted decreased by .97% (2,972 in FY18, 3,001 in FY17). Cases docketed for Single Commissioner hearings decreased by 1.66% (10,284 in FY18; 10,458 in FY17). Hearings conducted by a Single Commissioner decreased by .24% (899 in FY18; 1,184 in FY17). Settlements decreased by .96% (11,287 in FY18; 11,396 in FY17).

Commissioners conducted 1,709 clincher conferences in FY18.

There were 274 Single Commissioner cases appealed to the Full Commission during FY18, a decrease of 14.9% from FY17. The Full Commission Appellate Panel heard 131 cases during FY18, a decrease of 15.5% from FY17. Of the cases heard by the Appellate Panel, 44 were appealed to a higher court, a decrease of 30.2% from FY17.

During FY18, 833 mediation outcomes were reported to the Commission via filing of the Form 70. 631 mediations resulted in resolution of claims, 246 mediations failed to result in resolution, and 6 mediations remained open with issues pending.

In FY18, the total average cost per claim was $13,984.00, down from $14,073 during FY17.