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Vocational Rehabilitation in SC

Matthew Riddle

The SCWCC has recently announced that Ivey Drawdy, a counselor with the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department, will have an office (on a part-time basis) at the Workers’ Compensation Commission.  The Commission’s March 22, 2018 Business Meeting Report states that Ms. Drawdy will “meet with clients, answer questions, assist with referrals and other needs that the Commission may have.”

Vocational rehab is not mandatory for workers’ compensation claimants in South Carolina.  However, we think it can be beneficial to all parties to a claim in certain circumstances.  For instance, if a claimant cannot return to his pre-injury job due to work restrictions, vocational rehab can help the claimant find appropriate employment, which in turn can reduce an employer or insurance carrier’s liability for permanent wage loss. Please consider ways in which vocational rehab in South Carolina may be helpful in reducing your claim costs, as it appears that going forward we will have more direct access to a Vocational Rehab Representative provided through the SCWCC.