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Summer News and Notes

J. Steven Rodenberg

Although it has been a very hot summer so far, it has been a very quiet summer as far as Appellate Court decisions regarding workers’ compensation issues go. However, the Workers’ Compensation Commission has hired Sandee Sprang as the Director of Information Technology to further integrate information technology applications and information security into all aspects of the Commission’s business processes. Ms. Sprang actually begins employment with the Commission on August 17, 2015.

Two of our legal assistants, Donna Hendriks and Erika Young, attended the Workers’ Compensation Commission claims administration workshop on July 30, 2015 and picked up some useful information and pointers that may be helpful:

  1. The Commission is working toward having electronic payments available for Forms that require a filing fee;
  2. The formula for Social Security numbers for undocumented workers is 999 plus the 6 digit date of injury (for example, for a date of injury of 1/1/15, the undocumented worker’s Social Security Number would be found under 999-01-0115);
  3. If a file is found to have two or more dates of injury in question and the parties agree on one date of injury, a joint email to the Judicial Department regarding that multiple date problem and agreed upon solution will cause the Commission to correct the date and consolidate the files into one claim file;
  4. Questions regarding a particular WCC claim should be posed via the eCase site under “Ask a Question.” The questions will find their way more quickly to the person who is most capable of answering the question. The Commission prefers to receive the questions via eCase rather than receiving a telephone call.

Robert Gruber is scheduled to speak on December 10, 2015 at a Fundamentals of Workers’ Compensation seminar presented by Sterling Education Services, Inc. in Charleston, SC. The seminar will address topics including state case law and legislative updates and overviews, the basics of a workers’ compensation claim, the interplay between workers’ compensation benefits, Family Medical Leave Act benefits, Americans with Disabilities Act benefits, and federal and state benefits. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend if you are in Charleston on December 10, 2015.